Welcome to Crossfit felix, the best gym in downtown seattle.

Belltown CrossFit Felix

CrossFit Felix is downtown Seattle's premier fitness facility. Our members and guest push, pull, jump, squat, lift, climb and swing their way to success in a safe, fun and fit environment. The only thing you need to "do CrossFit' is the willingness to give it a try. We have Beginner Courses to get you ready and regular classes to keep you going. 

Our gym is over 5000 square feet with enough equipment to get and keep an army of 300 fit. Barbells, bumper plates, kettlebells, ab mats, pull-up bars, yoga mats, plyometric boxes, gymnastic rings, dumbbells, squat rack, etc. You name it, we have it. And even better, we use it. Constantly Varied is the name of our game and Functional Fitness is our claim to fame. Great people, great workouts and safe training. That's CrossFit Felix. 

Belltown CrossFit Felix Group Class
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Clean and well equipped facility. 

Belltown CrossFit Felix

Form, repetition and then intensity. 

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Fruit for everyone, a Felix signature.

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