Back Squats
This week we will be doing a single set AMRAP with the same loading as we have uses the last 5 weeks of the progression. Today will be the final test day for this squatting cycle. The goal here is for everyone to hit at least 10 reps. If you have more in the tank KEEP GOING. Push 2 reps past where you think you need to stop. 12 Minutes to build up and hit your single max effort set. 

16 Minute AMRAP
Bike/Row Cals (Ideally Bike)
C2B Pull-Ups (Even Rounds) HSPU (Odd Rounds)
*with this workout you will alternate gymnastic movements each time you restart the rep scheme. 1 "round" is 12 cals/12 C2B/9 cals/9 C2B/6 cals/6 C2B. Then the next round shifts to 12 cals/12 HSPU/9 cals/ 9 HSPU... etc. 



Muscle Ups
Spend 15 minutes working on bar or ring Muscle-Up Progressions, If you are already are proficient at muscle ups practice either linking larger sets or accumulating volume in an EMOM fashion. Athletes who do not yet have a pull-up should spend time working on pull-up progressions specifically developing strict pull-ups strength via negatives. 

4x3 Minute AMRAP, 1 Minute Rest
12 DB Snatches
8 Lateral Burpees Over DB
Level 3- 45/35
Level 2- 35/25
Level 1- Select a weight that allows you to not just move through the snatch unbroken, but also focus on the speed of your repetitions and moving the DB quickly.



Push Press 4 x 3
No prescribed percentages here, build across all 4 sets up towards a top set for the day. Not a 3RM. 

12 Minute AMRAP
24 Double Unders
*Back and forth couplet, the shoulder fatigue will accumulate quickly so be aware and break up the HSPU or double unders into smaller sets to fight it off from the start. 

Snail Trail


Spend 12 Minutes working on pistol progressions. This could be banded pistols, box pistols, pistols standing on a plate, etc. Try to progress on to a more difficult variation than the last time you practiced these if you remember what you used. If not make sure to progress your difficulty over the course of the 12 minutes. 

4 Rounds For Time:
20 DB Snatch
15 C2B Pull-Ups
20 Single Arm Overhead DB Lunge (Alternate between even rounds on the right arm and odd rounds on the left arm)
Level 3-45/35
Level 2- 35/25
Level 1- A weight that allows you to keep moving through the snatches and lunges, not necessarily unbroken but with short rests.



Build up to a 1RM for the day on deadlift. Athletes will have 15-20 Minutes for this section. The last 3 weeks have been spent building volume and you should be set to PR today. 

10 Minute AMRAP
3-6-9-12... etc
Overhead Squat
Burpee over Bar
Level 3- 95/65
Level 2- 75/55
Level 1- Pick a weight that allows you to unbroken at least through the round of 12. After that 2 sets is okay but ideally no more than 2 at any point. 



Clean & Jerk
Every Minute on the Minute for 12 Minutes
Perform 1 rep of the complex
Clean Pull+ Clean+ Jerk
*use the clean pull as a chance to practice the fundamentals of your pull, then perfect it on the next rep. If you're proficient in technique then build up to a heavy set for this complex starting at around 75% of 1RM. If newer to the lifts then spend this time practicing clean technique and getting more comfortable pulling from the floor. 

Push Jerk
Wall-Ball x2 reps
Rest 3 Minutes
Power Clean
Wall-Ball x2 Reps

Level 3- 135/95, 20/14
Level 2- 115/85, 20/14
Level 1- A weight that allows you to do the push jerks in 2 sets or less in the first piece, and the power cleans in 3 sets or less for each set. 

*For this workout there is an 8 Minute Cap on each individual segment. The goal is to sprint each segment with a short rest in between.

Golden Boy


Spend 12 Minutes practicing Handstand drills. Encourage most athletes to work on developing handstand push-Ups or finding their level of modification for them as they will be showing up later in the week. This time can even be spent on dumbbell press variations to build shoulder strength if this is the limiting factor. Handstand walks and other freestanding variations are fine to practice but only if the athlete already is proficient with both strict and kipping HSPU (15+ kipping reps, 7+ Strict reps)

3 Rounds For Time:
400M Run
21 Box Jump Overs 24/20
12 T2B
*Pacing the run in this workout will leave you feeling fresh at the end. Push the pace on the run and see if you can hold on to an aggressive box jump pace. 14 Minute Time Cap