NEED SPACE TO DO YOUR OWN THING? We got you covered.

Here at CrossFit Felix, we offer an Open Gym that provides an opportunity for athletes to follow their own programming. Whether it be for strength and condition, lifting, mobility, or just some basic skill work, we have more than enough space and equipment for any athlete looking to do their own programming.

What to expect

  • Enough space to do your own programming.
  • Lift, Stretch, Mobilize or just get your heart rate up.
  • Enough equipment and space to do whatever you want.
  • No long term commitment or contracts. All Open Gym memberships are month to month!
  • Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 4:00pm.

Only 3 rules to live by

  1. Know what you are doing. We can help facilitate a few things, music, get your clock going, but you are on your own to do your own thing.
  2. We have a 100% NO DROP policy. This means that you cannot drop any weights at anytime. We do however, have some drop pads if you need to lift heavy. "Always Safety First!"
  3. Clean up after yourself. Be respectful to the equipment, the facility, and the other athletes around you. 

Outside of that, our gym is yours. During our down hours, you can come in and do anything you like. Please feel welcome and at home.

How do I join Open Gym?

Use the link below to sign up and do your own thing. It's that easy!