Tuesday 4/12/16
Warm Up:
5 Min Row slow pace
Barbell quad smash 1-2 mins ea leg, couch stretch, pigeon stretch


Push Press 6x3 @80%


10 min AMRAP of
20 Cal assault bike or row
20 box jump overs


Then immediately into
3 rounds for time of
10 Power Snatches 95/65 FB 135/95
200, Farmers Carry 53/35 KB in ea hand


Choose a weight you can do unbroken snatches for the first 2 sets.


Final note:
If you are feeling a little rundown, tired, or just sore, consider either taking a rest day, or modifying the WOD down. Maybe a shorter box, or a lighter power snatch. Maybe only do 2 rounds for time instead of 3, or just start with a 5 or 7 minute AMRAP.
Just something to consider...