Friday 12.28.18


22 Minute Section. 3x4 with 85% if you know your 1RM, then an AMRAP set with 75%. Do not push the AMRAP to true failure, keep form perfect. NO TOUCH AND GO REPS, all must reset on the ground.

If you did not test your deadlift max then perform 3x4 with a challenging but not maximal weight then an AMRAP with something you believe you can achieve around 8 reps with. If you performed this last week, increase the weight by 5Lbs on your AMRAP set and look to match or beat your rep count.

800M Run
Then, 4 Rounds:
8 Devil's Press
24 Alternating Jumping Lunges
(12 Minute Cap)

Level 3- 35/25
Level 2- 25/15
Level 1- A weight that you can quickly cycle when fatigued. The focus here is on conditioning not the load being used.