Carnival Vista


Front Squats
The first 3 sets will be triples of 3 second pause front squat. Start at 70% of 1RM and build. After your third set you will immediately transition into 5's of standard front squat without a pause, continuing to build up in load from the end of your pause sets. If you did not test 1RM, start conservative to leave room to grow over the course of your 6 sets (15-18 Minutes). 

For Time: 
30 Deadlift
Rest 2 Minutes
25 Power Cleans
Rest 2 Minutes
20 Power Snatch

Level 3: 225/135/115, 155/95/75
Level 2: 185/115/95, 135/75/65
Level 1- Pick weights that allow for each segment to take no more than 2:00, although :90 is ideal. Every interval should be an all out sprint. However the weight needs to be challenging enough that you could fail a rep towards the end of each set if you were to try for unbroken.