Oasis of the Seas


In 16 Minutes:
Pick 2 of the following and perform:
1 Max Effort Set
2-3 x 60% of max rep set. You can choose the number of sets based on your fatigue levels, and the difficulty of the movement to do multiple sets. If you need more than one attempt to find a max (ie. Handstand walk or DU, you may take up to 4 attempts for the max portion)

Pick 2: 
Pull-Ups (C2B or standard) 
Handstand Push-Ups (Scale to Push-Ups or Dips) 
Handstand Walk
Muscle Ups (Bar or Ring) 
Pistols (max set ends when you have to pause, honor system with these.

For Time: (12 Minute Cap)
1K/800M Row -or- 2.2K/1.6K Bike -or- 1K Run
50 KB Swings
12 Bar Muscle Ups 

Level 3- 53/36
Level 2- 36/26, 15 C2B Pull-Ups
Level 1- Use a KB that allows for 2-3 sets on the swings, and scale the pull-ups so they can be done in 2 sets, but ideally one with a tough grind. 20 Reps of ring rows.