Wednesday 1.9.19


Back Squat
Perform 3x3 with 87.5% of your 1Rm, then a single AMRAP set with 77.5% of your 1Rm. If you did not test your 1Rm on the Total day, perform 3x3 with a heavy load but just below maximal. Then, AMRAP with a weight you can perform around 10 reps with. If you did this last week simply add 10Lbs to your sets of 4, but now performing 3 reps instead. Add 10Lbs to your AMRAP set as well.

"Felix Baseline 1"
Check your scores from last time, beat them, and Have fun!
13 Minute AMRAP:
20 Wall-Balls
10 Devils Press

Level 3- 20/14, 35/25
Level 2- 14/10, 25/15
Level 1- Select a Weight That allows for constant movement. This is a pure conditioning test, so there should be no reason to stop because of load or muscle failure.