Wednesday 5.15.19


Spring Happy Hour at Brave Horse Tavern tonight! 6pm-9pm. First round is on us. See you there!

6 sets:
2 Power position clean
+ 2 Jerks

Focus is on pulling yourself down underneath the bar and driving down in the jerk. All jerks should be split.

3 Rounds of 4 Minute AMRAP, Rest 1:00 between each round:
Buy In: 30 KB Swings
In remaining time AMRAP:
20 DU's
10 Alternating DB Snatches

L3- 53/36, 50/35
L2- 36/26, 35/25
L1- A weight that allows for all snatches to be unbroken and a focus on movement speed, KB swing in at most 2 sets.