My passion for CrossFit originally started as a way to improve myself in other sports. My coaches indicated that I should start a more intense strength and conditioning program, and CrossFit is what was recommended to me. Over time, CrossFit quickly started to outpace the other sports I was playing as my primary athletic goal. Two years after starting, I shifted all of my focus and time towards becoming a better CrossFit athlete which soon led into my search for knowledge and improvement in the coaching realm. I've been doing CrossFit for 7 years, and coaching for 5.

Some of my favorite movements include: muscle-ups, clean & jerk, and the snatch. I am not a fan of handstand walking and thrusters. 

Currently, I'm hoping to complete my B.S in the next year, as well as obtain my CF-L3. Outside of the coaching realm, I am trying to qualify for Regionals in the next 4 years!




I had been wandering aimlessly from machine to machine at local gyms working inconsistent intervals for years. I'd go for 3 days a week for a couple weeks, then not see the inside of the gym for a year or so. One day about 5 years ago, a couple of my friends finally convinced me to try CrossFit out. One class was all it took for me to realize that the community, coaching and positivity of CrossFit was exactly what I needed! I've been hooked ever since!

My favorite movements include: cleans, pull-ups, kettlebell swings, double-unders, deadlifts, GHD situps, toes-to-bar, I actually like burpees...

My least favorite movements - not really dislike, but handstand push-ups/walks and snatches/overhead squats are my kryptonite.

My dreams are to keep exploring, learning and getting stronger.




I have been a lifelong gym rat and been doing CrossFit for 6 years now. 

One of my favorite movements are preacher curls, but I can't stand man-makers. 

One of my biggest goals and dreams would be to do a 1-arm pull-up.




My CrossFit fitness journey began back in 2014. Recovering from an eating disorder, I knew I needed to make a change in regards to my health and fitness. A group of friends invited me to CrossFit and I have never looked back.

My favorite movements are overhead squat and the snatch.

My least favorite movements are thrusters and wall balls.

My goal is to continue to be the best version of me and teach other young girls and women that it is ok to be strong and healthy. Media feeds women and young girls the false idea of beauty and finesse, and it is crippling to the mental state of women. My goal is to change that.




I actually didn't get into fitness until relatively late in life. I realized I had the build and mental predisposition to enjoy distance running during college which led me to doing my first half-marathon as well as learning soccer around 22 years old. About 5 years ago, I joined a group based TRX class to offset some of the effects of my drinking at the time. While watching my sister completely transform her life during an epic weight-loss journey, I realized it might be time to take my fitness and health a little more seriously. Three years ago in August, I wandered into CrossFit Felix at the suggestion of a friend and have seemingly never been able to wander too far away. After the first year I discovered powerlifting and got hooked immediately.

My favorite movements are deadlifts or atlas stones and my least are assault bike sprints.

My near term goals are locking down a 405LB squat and a 605LB deadlift. Pipe dream would be able to qualify for the Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championship.




I've been doing CrossFit for about 10 years since 2007 and a coach for 7 of those.

I love back squats.

Running, cardio and moving fast are not my friends. I am plagued by injuries, but I still try to do something here and there.

I enjoy watching people grow. Whether it's getting stronger, faster, healthier, whatever the case is - that's my favorite part. I enjoy the teaching and meeting new people. I dream of crushing my enemies, seeing them driven before me and hearing the lamentations of their women.




I've been doing CrossFit for about 9 years now, and I'm for sure no Rich Froning, but I love it nonetheless. You can find me in the class with everyone else learning how to move weight and getting my butt kicked! On a side note to all of this, "I LOVE SOUR PATCH KIDS AND I CAN NEVER GET ENOUGH ICE CREAM."

My favorite movements are toes-to-bar and you can never go wrong with a little bench and some bicep curls. 

I hate anything that gets my heart rate up and I loathe burpees.

I'm living out my goals and dreams right now. #GOBLUE




I was born in the gym, like a boss. If you rub my belly, I will guarantee you a PR. I'm an independent woman whose fashion rolls with the season. You can find me in the lounge area watching V-SAUCE with my dad to keep my brains on par with my brawn. 

My favorite movements are dancing for treats and running to greet you.

I don't like being teased with fake treats nor being crushed with weights.

My ultimate goal is to one day become strong enough to open the door for myself to use the bathroom.

Photography by Allison Bolgiano