CrossFit Felix loves when people Drop-In. All we ask is that you abide by our simple rules to make sure everyone stays safe, happy, and fit! 

  1. For our out-of-state drop-ins, we are able to accommodate your visit to all classes, except the 5am competition class (unless approved via email communication). You may also join us at anytime on both Saturday and Sunday. Please note, we have a 100% NO DROP policy. This means that you cannot drop any weights on the bare floor at anytime. We do have drop pads/crash pads to drop on if needed.

  2. Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled class. This will allow us time to show you around the gym, and help you get situated.

  3. As much as we would like to accommodate everyone, we do require at least three (3) months prior CrossFit experience.

  4. Our visitor drop-in fee is $25 per class. If you plan to stay for the week, we offer a 1-week unlimited pass that expires 1-week from the purchase date. If you are a regular traveling visitor, we also offer punch cards with no expiration dates that will save you more.

  5. We try to accommodate folks from out of town doing their own programming during Open Gym. Open Gym Hours are during class hours. Please email us with your preferred time frame so we know when to expect you. Classes take priority for space requirements, however communicate with the coach about your workout plan and we make sure you can maximize your workout.

Things you should know about your drop-in in advance!!!

Bring a water bottle, we have a water dispenser.

Please give allow us 24 hours to respond to any emails.

We would love to have you join us for a class and give you a great CrossFit experience at our gym. Click on the link below, choose your class and sign up! If you still have questions, click on the contact link below and ask away. We look forward to having you join us!