Wednesday 3.20.18


Vertical Jump
10-12 Minutes Build towards a high vertical jump using the wooden posts as targets. Put chalk on the hands to mark where touches occurred. Partner into groups of similar ability and try to compete with those around you.

4 Rounds: (20 minute Cap)
20 Calorie Row/15 Calorie Bike
20 Deadlifts
400M Run
Rest 1:30 between Rounds

Level 3- 205/135
Level 2- 165/115
Level 1- A weight that allows for unbroken deadlifts all rounds, focus is on moving safely but quickly.

Tuesday 3.19.18


For 12 Minutes, Practice clean and jerk sets of 2 reps. No sets or percentages here. Focus on positions and grooving the movement pattern building up SLOWLY if they feel strong.

For Time: (15 Minute Cap)
100 DU's
20 Power Snatches
100 DU's
20 Power Cleans
100 DU's
20 Overhead Squats

Level 3- 115/85
Level 2- 95/65
Level 1- A weight that allows for touch and go sets of 3-5 reps per set.