Sweet "Sweat" Potato

Thursday, July 14


Barbell Complex

1 Clean into 1 Front Squat into 1 Thruster

Answer to your question :). Yes, you can squat clean the bar but no, it does not count as your front squat or the beginning of your thruster. If you choose to squat clean the bar, you will end up performing 3 front squats per complex, 1 for the squat clean, 1 for the front squat and 1 for the beginning of the thruster. Cheers ;)

Build up in weight with each set. Make sure that last set was PRETTY before you move onto the next weight. You should not fail at any of these reps. If you did, you went to heavy.

Metcon - 12 MInute EMOM

Odd Minutes: Shoulder to Overhead (choose weight you can do 6 rounds of without changing)
Even Minutes: Jump Rope

3 Shoulder to Overhead
30 Second Plank

4 Shoulder to Overhead
40 Second Plank

5 Shoulder to Overhead
50 Second Plank