Little Things Add Up

Wednesday 19th,

Skill: Handstand Static Holds (12 Mins)
Option 1: Wall Walk into Nose to Wall HS Hold (3 attempts of 1 min)
Option 2: Kick into HS against wall (3 attempts of max effort, rest as needed between)
Option 3: Freestanding HS (3 attempts of max effort, rest as needed)
Option 4: 1 arm HS hold against wall (3 attempts/side max effort (time))

"Little Things Add Up"

For Time:
50 Thrusters 44/33
40 KB Swings 53/35 FB: 70/53
30 Burpees
25 Thrusters 44/33
20 KB Swings
15 Burpees

Workout is intended to be light like "Jackie." Try to do big sets if not UB.

Post WOD: Dead Hang from Pullup Bar (Try to achieve the time in as few sets as possible, this will help with grip and opening up the OH position)

Beg: Accumulate 3 mins
Intermediate: Accumulate 5 mins
Advanced: Accumulate 7 mins