It's My Birthday :)

A few quick notes before you read today’s WOD.

1) Lost and Found:
I love you all, and I am more than happy to maintain a lost and found here at Felix, but moving forward, it will only be for clothes. We can no longer hold the abundance of water bottles that are being left each day. If you leave your bottle, we are just gonna toss it out. Love you, but we threw it away.

2) Today is my birthday:
I am 28 years old..... again. Side note, I love Sour Patch Kids. Here is a link to my favorite candy in my favorite size and style. If you get me some for my birthday, I will be nice to you for the rest of the year :)

3) Holiday Hours:
You may not have known this, but I am Jewish :) What does this mean to you? It means that we will be open for regular hours over the holidays. Saturday at 8:30, 9:30, and 10:30am and on Sunday at both 8:30 and 9:30am. This is over both Christmas and New Years. Side note, if you have a buddy that does CrossFit, and their box happens to be closed for the holidays, please feel free to invite them to Felix to WOD. No fee, we consider them family. Just have them show up to get their WOD on. We would love to have them.


Technique: 4 x 5 Snatch Grip Rack Press (build if able)
5 x 2 Snatch Balance (build if able)

15 Min AMRAP:

20 Power Cleans 120/85 FB: 145/100
3 Rounds:
9 Knees-2-Elbow
12 HSPU (Scale to Seated DB Strict Press)
15 KBSwing 53/35 FB: 70/53