Utility Player

“Utility Player”

Skill: Death by Rope Climbs
1 in Min 1
2 in Min 2...keep adding 1 climb until you cannot complete that # within the min
If you finish before the 5th minute, continue by subtracting 1 climb/min going back down to 1

3 Rounds:
27 DB Lunges (Farmer Carry) 35/25 FB: 50/35
21 DB Front Squats
15 Alternating DB Snatches
9 Renegade Rows

Why I love my job. “Stories of the box”
Episode 1: The Red Hawk Squawk

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I was asked to play Adel during the noon class. The next thing you hear over the radio is..... Hello, it’s me.
Then from the back of the room, little 97lb Erica yells out, “can you play some fuckin angry music up in this place.”

I so love my job :)