Back Squats
This week we will be doing a single set AMRAP with the same loading as we have uses the last 5 weeks of the progression. Today will be the final test day for this squatting cycle. The goal here is for everyone to hit at least 10 reps. If you have more in the tank KEEP GOING. Push 2 reps past where you think you need to stop. 12 Minutes to build up and hit your single max effort set. 

16 Minute AMRAP
Bike/Row Cals (Ideally Bike)
C2B Pull-Ups (Even Rounds) HSPU (Odd Rounds)
*with this workout you will alternate gymnastic movements each time you restart the rep scheme. 1 "round" is 12 cals/12 C2B/9 cals/9 C2B/6 cals/6 C2B. Then the next round shifts to 12 cals/12 HSPU/9 cals/ 9 HSPU... etc.