Thursday 11.1.18


12 Minute Steady AMRAP, not for rounds, but for quality of movement
10 Double KB Overhead Sit-Ups
Single Arm Overhead DB walk down and back across gym floor
10 Bulgarian deadlifts with DB's, on each leg

20 Minute AMRAP
50 Box Jump Overs (Must be done in 5's)
50 Push-Ups (Must be done in unbroken 5's each set)
50 Pistols (Must be done in 5's)
50 DB Power Cleans (Must be done in 5's)

Partners can have 2 separate weights or scaling modifications. The sets must all be done in 5's, but they do not have to be done back and forth. One partner could do 10, the other could do 5 if you need a break. All sets done must be in multiples of 5 or the set does not count. Pick weights that let you move steady throughout, but on the clean should be moderately challenging. If you do not have pistols scale to DB Lunges with the same weight of DB's as you use for the power clean.