Pick one of the following options to practice for 15 Minutes:
Path A- Practice Butterfly C2B or Kipping Pull-Ups. If proficient in butterfly, perform an EMOM working on building your volume density capacity. 
Path B- Practice Handstands (Handstand Walking) This is not the time to practice handstand push-ups. If you cannot flip onto a wall you can practice that or any other drill that gets you closer to the goal of freestanding handstand work. If already proficient in handstand walking perform 5 Rounds of 1:00 max distance, 1:30 Rest
Path C- Practice Toes to bar, this could be core strength drills, V-Ups, hollow rocks, knee raises, or kipping drills. Any level that gets you closer to connecting T2B. If already proficient, perform a 10 Minute EMOM of T2B doing the same number of reps each minute, pick a rep count around 1/3 of your max set. 

4 Rounds, For Time
10 Single arm OHS Right Arm
10 Single arm OHS Left Arm
5 Muscle Ups
400M Run

Level 3- 50/35
Level 2- 35/25
Level 1- Modify these OHS to a single arm overhead lunge if flexibility requires you to do so. This is a very challenging movement. Muscle Ups can be scaled to bar muscle up, or your highest level of pull up eg. 5 C2B.