Wednesday 1.2.19


Bench Press
Perform 3x4 with 80-85% of your 1Rm, then a single AMRAP set with 75% of your 1Rm. If you did not test your 1Rm on the Total day, perform 3x4 with a heavy load but just below maximal. Then, AMRAP with a weight you can perform around 10 reps with.

For Time: (14 Minute Time Cap)
100 Double Unders
75 Wall-Balls
50 Power Snatches
25 T2B

Level 3- 75/55, 20/14
Level 2- 55/45, 20/14
Level 1- A weight that allows for sets of snatches in 15-20 rep increments, wall-Balls done in sets of no less than fast 10's