Thursday 1.17.19


20 Minute Section. Perform 3x4 with 87.5% of your 1Rm, then a single AMRAP set with 77.5% of your 1Rm. If you did not test your 1Rm on the Total day, perform 3x4 with a heavy load but just below maximal. Then, AMRAP with a weight you can perform around 10 reps with. If you performed this last week use the same weight for he 3 heavy sets, and try to beat your score by at least 2 on the AMRAP.

10 Minute AMRAP:
32 Double Unders
16 Alternating Lunges with DB's
4 Bar Muscle Ups

Level 3- 50/35
Level 2- 35/25, High C2B Pull ups or banded bar Muscle ups.
Level 1- A weight to do lunges unbroken each set