Tuesday 7.23.19


Front Squat 7x1
If you remember your tested 1RM, these should be done at 90% of that number, if not, aim for a challenging but doable weight that prevents form breakdown. Try for all singles to look the same regarding speed, posture and positions.

12 Min AMRAP: 10 single arm DB clean and jerk (5 each side) 10 T2B 30 Double Unders L3- 50/35 L2- 35/25 L1- A weight allowing for hang clean and jerk done unbroken

5 Minutes stretching calves, forearms


4 rounds:
10 DB zottman curls
:30 Db bent over row hold

In Partners: 15 minutes steady:
10 partner banded rotation
10 partner MB sit-ups (each partner does sit up every rep)
:30 each partner plank hold with partner push on shoulders

For Time:
3 rounds:
25 Calorie Row
25 Jumping Lunges
25 Push-Ups