Tuesday 9.24.19


Deadlift 4x4
Work off of 75-80%% of your deadlift max if you got a chance to test this last week. If you don't have a 1RM but did this last week add a small amount of weight (10Lbs or so) onto the weights used last week for the 4x5. If neither find a challenging weight and execute across all 4 sets.

3 rounds for time:
15 Burpee Box Jumps
12 Power Cleans
9 Front Squat
6 Push Jerk

L3- 24/20, 135/95
L2- 24/20, 105/80
L1- A weight that allows cleans done in no more than 2 sets, squats and push jerk unbroken

Stretch- Calves, forearms


1/2 min steady:
10 single arm Db rows each side
:30 chin over bar pull-up hold
10 single arm DB overhead press each side
:30 1" off floor push-up hold

4 sets:
12 barbell bicep curls
12 barbell overhead tricep extension
same weight for both

For time:
30 Db power cleans
400M Run
30 Db Front Squats
400M Run
30 alternating Db snatches