Best of Friends

Tuesday, May 17

Goal Work:
What was your goal from last week? Great, please write it on the board when you come in. We do this so that we can hold one another accountable. I learned a long time ago that unless I put my name next to something, it’s easy to change my mind about what I said I would do. Once that is done, start working on your progression to get there. Goals are short, medium and long term. You should have one that is reasonable. It should be something with a specific measurable result. Can’t wait to see everyone working towards and achieving their goals.

25 Minute AMRAP
Teams of 2
2K Row Buy-In
-in remaining time-
50 Pull-Ups (25/25)
100 Wallballs (50/50)
50 Burpees (25/25)
100 Partner Sit-Ups (50 w/ball, 50 without)

(Notes: If you finish before the time cap, don’t put your equipment away. Pick a team that isn’t finished yet and join them. We are all teammates and a full 25 minutes of work is good for all of us. Please do YOUR very best.)