I'm outa WOD names...

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

Conditioning (15 Minutes of Fun)

Go up 1 rep per exercise, per round. When you have to break a movement, rest 1 minute and start from 1 on both.

1 Unbroken Power Cleans
1 Unbroken Wall Balls
2 ...
2 ...

Note: The idea behind this workout is to have you do volume ONLY so long as you can keep good form. This WOD is not timed and you should not be rushing to the next movement. Pick a weight that will begin to be challenging in rounds 6-8. If you have to break up your Power Cleans or Wall Balls in round 4 or 5, you went wayyyyy to heavy. Reps should be done in a row. That means, the bar should not be in the rack position, in the hang or touching the ground for more than a moment.

Strength (after Metcon)
10 Minute EMOM
Odd Minutes: 5 Push-Ups
Even Minutes: 5 Pull-Ups

Pick the appropriate type of Push-Ups/Pull-Up for yourself here. Knee, Toe, Ring, Kipping HSPU, Strict HSPU and Ring Row, Kipping, Strict, Chest to Bar Pull-Ups, Muscle-Ups are all options.

Fitness, Performance, Competition: This is all subjective today. Use the weight(s) that will allow you to perform the workout as intended in the description. Today is all about work capacity, how much can I lift a lot of times with good form, not, how much can you lift a few times or how much can I lift a lot of times with meh... form.