Five Guys

Team WOD Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016


Strength/Skill - Handstand Progression, Handstand, Handstand Walk

Once you are good and warmed up, work for a minute, rest for a minute. One thing we often see are people practicing a movement too fast, too long or too heavy. We want you to have a plan, get good work in, but not burn out or reinforce bad habits or bad movements. This is why we are formatting your practice time with a minute of work and a minute of rest. We want at least a minute rest between minutes of work. If you need more rest, take it but have a plan. Be safe, be committed and have fun.

Metcon - Team WOD - 100s (teams of 2)
100 Calorie Row
100 Box Jumps
100 Thrusters
100 Russian Twists

16/20 Inch Box
45/75 LB Barbell

20/24 Inch Box
65/95 LB Barbell

24/30 Inch Box
95/135 LB Barbell