No More Wall Balls...

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Strength/Skill: Clean and Jerk Technique

Spend 15-20 Minutes really working on your technique. The majority of mistakes and improvements in these two movements have nothing to do with strength and EVERYTHING to do with technique. From the time you pick up a PVC, you should be treating it the same way you would a heavy lift. All too often athletes just go through the motions and don’t pay attention to the little things. Each time you pick up a PCV or barbell, it’s a chance to instill proper technique. All too often us coaches here, “I need to put some weight on the bar, this is too light and that is why my lift is off.” We call 100% Bulls#$! on that. No one needs weight on the bar to go at the proper speed. No one needs weight on the bar to have it follow the proper path. No one needs weight on the bar to achieve triple extension and land in the right position. You will lift how you practice. If your coach gives you a que when the bar is light and you think you only need to do that when it’s heavy, you’re completely wrong. That is like saying, I will squat clean it when it gets super heavy without having squat cleaned a bar before got heavy. Not gonna happen and if it does, it won’t look or feel good.

So I said all that to say this, stop being that guy or girl that thinks they need to go heavy all the time. Stop thinking your technique will get better as it gets heavier. Stop thinking you need to get “stronger” to have a better lift. Stop taking videos of your lift so you can post them on Facebook and START using them to so that you and your coach can give you some honest critique of your lifts. Start taking practice more seriously. Start working on your positions. Start increasing your mobility. Start finishing your lifts.


Metcon: Rounds For Time
15 Kettlebell Swings
30 Double Unders

6 Rounds
12/16 KG Kettlebell

8 Rounds
16/24 KG Kettlebell

10 Rounds
24/32 KG Kettlebell