Just a little back and forth

September 30, 2016

Warmup & Mobility: Partner up and do...
Partner 1: 100/200/300 - while - Partner 2: Burpees 5/10/15
Once completed go through calf/hamstring/hip/shoulder mobility series

Skills & Drills:
Synchronized skills & drills for the snatch. Work through positions with PVC (mid shin, above knee, pockets. Move onto the barbell and work up to doable weights making sure to hit all positions mentioned.

Metcon: EMOM (16 Minutes)
Odd Minutes: 20-50 Double Unders
Even Minutes: 1-3 Hang Squat Snatch

Warm Down Mobility:
Coaches Choice

Fitness/Performance/Competition: Use a weight that you can maintain throughout the workout. If it feels light in the beginning, give it a few rounds, it may get heavier without you having to add any weight. Coaches will be looking for you to have impeccable form.