Fight Night

“Fight Night”

Skill: 1. L-Sit :Accumulate 3:00 in as few sets as possible

Options: Parallettes
Rings (Arms locked out (top of ring dip position with legs piked))
Lit sit supported on two boxes (like a box dip) with legs piked
Hanging from Pullup Bar

Skill 2: 6 Skin the Cats for quality (not time)
Progression 1:

(Fight Gone Bad Style)
3 Rounds; 1 Min rest b/t rounds
1 Min at Each Station

Hang Squat Clean 75/55 FB: 95/65
KB Snatch 44/26 FB: 53+/35+
Pushups FB: Ring Pushups
SDHP 75/55 FB: 95/65
Rope Climbs (scale to strict chinups (supinated grip))