The Descent

“The Descent”
Skill: Ring Progression Work 20 Min (The Muscle Up is not addressed in this progression, every level athlete can work on one of these three things to work toward a skill.) The goal of these progressions is eventually a muscle up into ring hspu

If working on non-assisted rings dips: work on top of ring dip hold with thumbs out (palms forward) and bottom of ring dip hold

Skin the Cats (continuing on skill work from two weeks back)

Practice Roll Out on Rings (MUST USE BAND) (ring dip height) Exit strategy

Progression 1: Support to rHSPU (ring dip height)

Progression 2: Adding the HSPU (ring dip height; long straps)

DB Front Squat 35/25
Burpee Box Jumps 24/20