Silver Sneakers

"Silver Sneakers"

Rope Climb Techniques and Challenges
If able to do legless = 3 L-sit Rope Climbs
If able to do legged = 2 attempts legless
If working on rope climbs = practice foot locks

2 Min Max: Double Unders
3 Min Max DB Spectaculars (HPC + Front Sqt + Push Press + 1 Lunge each Leg (Front racked)
2 Min Max Pull-Ups / Ring Rows
3 Min Max Cals Rower
2 Min Max Rope Climbs (Scale to Chin-ups)

* (1 min rest between exercises)

Note: This may seem like a lot of shoulder / pulling work. So as a short reminder, don't forget to use your legs when you can. ie: HPC, Push Press, Cals and Rope Climbs...