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Aerobic Conditioning
EMOM x 15 Minutes
Min 1- :45 Calorie Bike/Row
Min 2- :45 Burpee Box Jump Overs
Min 3- :45 Double Unders
*The goal with this is to increase your pace in each subsequent series, finishing in an all out sprint. Learn your paces and how to speed up or slow down based on them. 

Heavy/High Skill Conditioning
5 Rounds:
3 Deadlift 275/185#
6 Bar Muscle Ups
9 Strict HSPU
*Scaling on this piece is going to be extremely important. The main purpose of this workout is to train higher skill and higher weight movements, not to get out of breath and move quickly through each. On the deadlift, recommended scaling is somewhere around 80% of your 1RM. This should be a challenging weight that makes a set of 3 difficult. On the bar Muscle-Up, scale to your highest level of pull-up whether that be a high C2B pull, a banded bar MU, a strict Pull-Up etc. bands are okay to use for this, each set of 6 should be done in 3 sets if you are scaling. On the handstand Push-Up, modify to kipping HSPU, a smaller number (5) of HSPU negatives, a seated Z-Press, or any other handstand variation that is at the top of your skills spectrum. For all movements on this workout, adjust the numbers downward if you have any ability to complete the RX standards. Time Cap 16 Minutes.