Tuesday 11.13.18


Bench press 10-8-6-4-2
1Rm's are not known for this lift, use this time to build up towards a heavy double. The first set of 10 should be done at a moderate weight (3-4 reps left in the tank) then build up across sets until the set of 2 is near a max effort.

4 Rounds, For Time:
3 Rope Climbs
6 Cleans (Squat)
9 Handstand Push-Ups
(14 Minute Cap)

Level 3- 155/105
Level 2- 115/85
Level 1- A weight that allows the cleans to be done in 2 sets or less each round. Rope climb can be scaled to either 6 pull-Ups, 12 ring rows, or 4 Rope walk down/ups. Handstand push-Up scaled to Push-Ups, box HSPU, or 3 wall-walks