Monday 11.12.18


Coach’s game choice

Spend 10 minutes working on Muscle up progressions, Could be banded, jumping, bar or ring, strict pull-ups, dips, etc. Anything with carryover to the muscle up.

"Felix Baseline 1"
13 Minute AMRAP:
20 Wall-Balls
10 Devils Press

Level 3- 20/14, 35/25
Level 2- 14/10, 25/15
Level 1- Select a Weight That allows for constant movement. This is a pure conditioning test, so there should be no reason to stop because of load or muscle failure.

Going forward, we will no longer be utilizing entire test retest blocks. Instead, you will see appearances of 1RM lifts every 4-6 weeks, coupled with the usage of 5 Felix baseline workouts. Today we will be doing the first of them Get in here, have fun, and set a score to beat in a few months!