Monday 12.31.18


Deadlift 3x4 with 85% if you know your 1RM, then an AMRAP set with 75%.
-Do not push the AMRAP to true failure, keep form perfect.
-NO TOUCH AND GO REPS, all must reset on the ground.
-If you did not test your deadlift max then perform 3x4 with a challenging but not maximal weight then an AMRAP with something you believe you can achieve around 8 reps with.

9 Minute AMRAP:
9 Front Squats
9 Shoulder to Overhead
9 Thrusters

Level 3- 95/65
Level 2- 75/55
Level 1- A weight that allows sets to be linked together and at least 5-7 reps to be done each time the bar is picked up