Weighted Strict Pullup
15 Minutes. For those who performed this last week, try to add 2.5-5Lbs of weight for each set. This segment will need to be more customized than the other strength pieces. For athletes that do not have the ability to perform weighted pull-Ups, they will be accumulating 30 total reps of strict pull-Ups with the least assistance possible. For Those who cannot use bands yet, they should try to accumulate 3:00 of a pull-Up bar hang using packed shoulders and engaged lats. If athletes 1RM weighted pull-up is under 15#, then they should perform the 6's unweighted and use light load for the 2's. 

Supinated BB Row 3 x 12
Superset with
Gun Walk Hold 3 x :45 sec
REST 1 minute

9 Minute AMRAP
75 Power Snatches
AMRAP Calories in Remaining Time
Level 3- 75/55
Level 2- 55/35
Level 1- A weight that ensures you will have at least 1:00 to spend on the calories. First set should be 20+ reps.