Gluteus Maximus Meridius


Deadlift 8,3,8,3,8,3
18 Minute Maximum. Start around 65-70% of max deadlift for the first 8 and 80-85% for the first 3. Add 10-15#'s to each successive wave. If you performed this session last week aim to add 5-10Lbs to your starting wave as well as each subsequent set. 

Banded March 2 x 3:00
10 Minute Segment. Rest 1:00  between each set, hold a MB in front for the duration of the march.

8 Min AMRAP:
9 DB Hang Cleans (Full)
3 Bar Muscle-Ups
Level 3- 50/35
Level 2- 35/25
Level 1- A weight that allows the DB cleans to be unbroken for 4 rounds. 
*Scaling for Muscle Ups should be either 5 reps of kipping pull-Ups 5 reps of push-Ups, no banded muscle ups.