Tuesday 5.28.19


2 rounds of,
:30 work right side, :15 rest :30 work left side, :30 rest
Bulgarian split squat
Single arm DB overhead press
Single arm ring row

3 Rounds, For Time:
12 Devils press
18 T2B
24 Wall-Balls

Level 3- 35/25
Level 2- 25/15
Level 1- A weight that allows for smooth reps with quality form on the devils press


4 sets:
12 close stance back squats, immediately into :45 parallel squat hold bodyweight
*Focus on not standing up fully on the squats to achieve a pump through the legs.

4 sets:
15 weighted sit-ups
1:00 plank hold
:30 hollow hold

5 Rounds:
12 DB Deadlift
9 DB Hang power clean
6 DB push jerk

Pick a weight that allows for fast and large unbroken sets.