Thursday 5.9.19


Back Squat 3x3
Build to a 3RM then perform 2x3 with 90% of that 5Rm. First week of 3's, try to increase load by 5% or so from last week. Continue pushing the limits with these but leave some in the tank for next week.

3 Rounds:
7 Lateral bar burpees
7 Deadlift, light
rest 2 minutes
3 rounds:
7 Lateral bar burpees
5 Deadlift, medium
rest 2 minutes
3 rounds:
7 Lateral bar burpees
3 Deadlift, heavy

Weight selection on this piece is individual, loading increases each successive set. Focus on sprinting the burpees, moving ith strong positions on the deadlift each set.


10 Minutes steady:
20 butterfly crunches
10 Db side bends each side
1:00 plank hold

4 sets:
10 pulse squats with DB's
:45 wall sit, hold plate if needed.

12 minute partner AMRAP:
Partner A rows 250M
Partner B does max burpees until rower finishes