Thursday 7.11.19


Overhead Barbell Lunge 4x8
Take these from the rack, 8 reps each leg per set. The focus of this is to strengthen your overhead position for split jerks, so narrow grip is preferred, but if mobility is an issue then using a wider grip is okay here.

6 Minute AMRAP:
400M Run buy in
20 Wall-Balls
20 Push-Ups
Rest 2:00
Then, perform the number of reps you completed, but for time
Your goal is to perform the second workout as close to 6 minutes as possible

Spend 5 minutes stretching calves, hamstrings, quads and shoulders


1:00 work :30 rest for 3 rounds
Supinated grip barbell row
DB bicep curl
Plate gun hold (90 degree iso)

4 Rounds:
1:30 plank
1:00 single arm farmers hold each side

10 Minute AMRAP:
12 DB burpee box step ups
12 Alternating DB snatches
200M Run