Tuesday 8.13.19


No prescribed sets for this piece, the goal is to spend 15 minutes practicing snatch technique in the form of 2 reps at a time per set. Work through these at a steady pace but give yourself enough rest that you can perform each rep well.

"Ringer 1" (13 minute cap)
For Time:
30-20-10 Bike Cals
Toes to Rings

Only perform toes to rings if you are already proficient at T2B, otherwise sub T2B or work through V-Ups/Knee raise progressions. Row for cals instead of bike depending on class size

Stretch: Hamstrings, Cobra pose


4 rounds:
12 Db chest fly
12 Db tricep extensions
12 Db bench press (2 second negative each rep)
Perform all 12's immediately in succession then rest

3 rounds:
12 Db pullover
12 Single arm Db rows
12 Db hammer curls

10 Minute AMRAP, with partners:
Partner 1- 12/9 cals on bike
Partner 2- hold wall sit while they bike, if wall sit is broken person must stop biking