Tuesday 8.20.19


Strength Circuit
:30 work/ :15 rest each exercise (1 round left 1 round right then switch exercises)
A) Palloff press
B) Single arm ring row *focus on keeping core engaged and shoulders locked in.
C) Single arm seated DB Z-Press Focus on making sure legs are straight and back is straight when pressing

6 rounds:
4 Power Cleans
10 T2B
200M Run

L3- 185/125
L2- 135/95
L1-A weight that allows for the power cleans to be done in 2 sets each round, these should be heavy enough that they cannot be done unbroken unless doing L3 or L2 specific weights.

Stretch-Cobra pose, hamstrings


5 sets: :
45 AMRAP Bradford press with 45/35# bar
immediately into
:45 Bradford press with PVC pipe
Rest 1:30

3 rounds: :
45 flutter kicks
:45 hollow hold
:45 rest
:45 Sit-Ups
:45 plank
:45 rest

For time:
Calorie Row/Bike
Goblet lunges Alternating