Thursday 5.30.19


Deadlift 4x1
4 singles with the same weight as last week's 3RM. If you have not tested a 3RM then use a weight that leaves 2-3 reps in the tank on the first set, same weight for all 4 singles.

"Barbell Hell"
Complete 25 reps of a bear complex, every time you set the bar down perform 15 burpees laterally over the barbell

Level 3- 135/95
Level 2- 95/65
Level 1- Pick a weight that allows for at least 5-7 bear complex to be completed in a row before breaking.


Oblique V-Ups (each side)
Diamond push-Ups

3 sets:
AMRAP strict pull-ups (if less than 10 reps use banded assistnce)
Immediately into a max top of ring row hold.
*Partner up for this section so that there are enough ring and pull-up bar setups, one partner rests while the other is working.

7 Minute AMRAP:
Devil's Press
At the start of every minute perform 10 Jumping Lunges