Thursday 9.12.19


Push Press 4x5
If you tested your 1RM aim for these sets to be around 80%. If you performed the 4x6 last week aim to increase your load 5-10Lbs this week with the rep decrease. If this is your first week push pressing aim to establish a baseline weight that is challenging for all sets but not maximal.

For Time: 5 Rounds:
7 Thrusters
14 Ring Dips

L3- 135/95
L2- 95/65
L1- A weight that requires the thrusters to be broken up past the first round. Dips modified to push-ups

Stretch- Quads, Chest


15 Min Steady:
10 single arm DB rows each side
:30 static bent over row hold with barbell
10 standing Db upright row
10 DB curls

Accumulate 6 minutes of weighted wall-sit, every break perform 12 jumping squats with DB.
Pick a DB or Kb that will allow you to complete chunks of at least 1:00

12 Min AMRAP:
20 Alternating DB snatches
200M Run
20 DB Push press single arm, 10 each side
200M Run