Thursday 9.5.19


Deadlift 4x7
Work off of 67.5-72.5% of your deadlift max if you got a chance to test this last week. This seems specific, but really just add a small aount of weight (10Lbs or so) onto the weights used last week for the 4x8. If not you can use this block as a make-up to perform a 1RM or you can instead work at a conservative and repeatable weight for all 4 sets.

For time:
100 Db Snatches
80 Single Arm DB Push press (40 each side)
60 single DB box step overs
Row 1K

L3- 50/35
L2- 35/25
L1- A weight that allows for consistent sets on every movement (8-10 reps or more) Coaches note, If class is too large have some athletes start with the 1K row and others finish on the 1K

Stretch- Back, Hamstrings


4 rounds:
8 Pull-Ups
:30 chin over bar hold (band if needed)
8 Bicep curls
:30 gun hold with plate

4 sets:
20 Russian Twists (each side with KB)
20 X Crunches (10 each way)
:45 sit-up hold in middle of sit-up

10 Min Partner AMRAP:
Run 400M Buy in
AMRAP in remaining time
Rounds of 10 Push-Ups 15 Jump Squats Rounds are performed you go i go, person a does 10 push ups person b does 10 push ups person a does 15 squats person b 15 squats etc